HIUCHI is an illustration and lifestyle design brand. We focus on homeware design and specialised in hand painted pottery. Our inspiration comes from poetry and we hope our customer can experience the atmosphere of poetic art through our design.

HIUCHI is founded by Grace Tong in 2015. She was a fashion designer before founding HIUCHI. In prior to HIUCHI, she has been a founder of OBLIVION, a fashion accessories brand. Her design has been displayed in various trade shows located in Paris, New York and Shang Hai.

In early 2015, Grace felt that people in the city are living in a hectic lifestyle and losing the desire to appreciate art or beautiful things. Therefore, she starts designing homeware and art pieces in hopes of resolving the hectic pace in the city. These pieces are aiming at immersing poetic art into daily life to calm peoples’ nerve.

HIUCHI is now having their own product lines and offers different workshops for customers. We are committed that products of HIUCHI can assimilate to everyone’s lifestyle in different ways.